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Blockchain24.co is a news portal created for cryptocurrencies enthusiasts. Anyone who wants to stay up to date with all the Bitcoin news should come by regularly.

The biggest advantage of the portal is its versatility. In the end Bitcoin news is not only updated cryptocurrencies exchange rates. For people who invest in cryptocurrencies basically everything is important. They want to know as much as possible about what’s happening around cryptocurrencies all over the world.


Tips from the world of cryptocurrencies

You want to start investing in cryptocurrencies, but have no idea in which exactly, or maybe you’re looking for the right software house specialized in cryptocurrencies solutions. The biggest knowledge on this subject is always with people who have contact with cryptocurrencies everyday. All you need to do is ask on a discussion group. People who are eager to help you solving your issue will appear.

Events from cryptocurrency world

The novelty on the portal is a tab informing about the most important cryptocurrency-connected events from all over the world. In a clear and transparent form of calendar users can check the list of events such international expos or conferences. The participation in those events is important not only because we want to know what’s new on cryptocurrency market and be aware of all the Bitcoin news. On these events we can also meet a lot of people from the cryptocurrency industry and make some business relations, which can result in a successful cooperation in the future.

If you’re interested in subject of cryptocurrencies, looking information and tips from the world of cryptocurrencies online, check blockchain24.co. You will find there anything you need!



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