FuturoCoin & Formula One – Fast & Furious

FuturoCoin and Formula One are two completely different industries that have surprisingly a lot in common. They’re both all about speed, innovativeness, accuracy and safety. Let’s learn more about this special partnership.

The biggest deal of all

A little over a month ago, FuturoCoin (FTO) broke the news with a revelation that surprised us all. None of the FTO users have expected that because it’s not something that any other cryptocurrency has ever done before. FuturoCoin was the first digital currency to do that. What is it, you ask? If you haven’t heard about it by now, here’s the big news. FuturoCoin signed an official partnership deal with Aston Martin Red Bull Formula One team. From February, we know that FuturoCoin logo will appear on the cars and clothes of Aston Martin drivers during the upcoming F1 season.

Curious choice

But we are all asking ourselves one question: why Formula One? We know that supporting sports is important for FTO people. Investing in various businesses has always been written into their long-term development plan. But out of all the sports, why choose this one?

Same values

The answer is actually really simple. Let’s just think about it. What are the most important features of FuturoCoin? It is fast – the transactions last seconds. It is actually one of the fastest cryptocurrencies out there. It is also very innovative, some would say that it’s ahead of its time. And it’s still growing and evolving as we speak. Accuracy is a significant aspect as well. The FTO team believes that the idea of any cryptocurrency is to work smoothly and precisely. They want the transfers to reach its final destination every single time without any problems on the way. FuturoCoin values the safety of its users and their funds.

Now, read all those features once again: speed, innovativeness, accuracy, safety. Those are basically the same values that the Aston Martin Red Bull team is driven by. We can be sure that the FTO team has thought this through and chose the best of the best. The fact that both companies share the same values is very significant.

Mutual support

When signing a partnership, it is always very important to understand your new partner and their qualities. In this case, it is much easier for both sides. Despite belonging to totally different environments and industries, they share common interests. Supporting each other became a way of mutual cooperation. It is safe to say that FuturoCoin and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing are both going in the same direction – together!

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