What’s The Future Of Crypto?

The changes happen all the time. Cryptocurrencies stopped being a novelty a long time ago and became reality. But what does the future hold for them? Will the future generations want to pay for their groceries with the use of digital money?

The past decade

Everyone knows that new solutions are important. They enable the society to grow and evolve in the ways we can’t even imagine before it happens. Cryptocurrencies were a complete revolution when it comes to online community. They allowed people to exchange resources and eventually pay with them for products and services. This revolution began ten years ago when Satoshi Nakamoto announced the creation of Bitcoin. Now, in 2018, we have over 4,000 other altcoins and cryptocurrency payments aren’t a surprise even for the biggest technology skeptics.

Why so many coins?

Every cryptocurrency is special in their own way. Some offer a recognizable trustworthy status, like Bitcoin. Others present an innovation that hasn’t been used before – new technology solutions, mobile apps, original servers communication. There are cryptocurrencies that offer the traders very fast transactions and big gains, like FuturoCoin. This crypto is one of the newest on the market and in its 9 months of existence has already proved being very popular amongst traders. Of course, we also come across a bit less serious cryptocurrencies, for example sport coins or meme coins – like Dogecoin.

Creating more and more new coins is not only about making profits but actually about helping the economics. But the success of Bitcoin and later a few altcoins made people believe that crypto money leads directly to profit. And in most cases, that’s true. You can make a profit on cryptocurrencies. You just need to know how to do it.

The future generations

Right now, people have already learnt a lot about cryptocurrency trading – they know which token to choose, where to buy it and how to mine. They also know which currency will bring them most profits. Some crypto offer up to 50% gain, for example FuturoCoin, so everyone wants to try trading. And that’s here and now – digital money is popular. But what will the future hold though?

Young people, mostly millennials, grew to love cryptocurrency payments. Friendly customer experience of the wallets, fast transactions, innovativeness – that’s what millennials love about it. But eventually, they will grow up and probably get bored with cryptocurrency market. Other new technologies and solutions may become more popular among them. We don’t know for how long their interest in the crypto world will sustain but one thing we know for sure; there will always be another group of youngsters – like the post-millennial Generation Z – eager to explore what technology holds for them.

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