FuturoCoin - What they already achieve

What has it already achieved: FuturoCoin’s successes

FuturoCoin (FTO) is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency. It has been on the market for almost 15 months now. Let’s review what the FTO team has accomplished so far. It all started in late January 2018. Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern gave an idea to create a new, fresh and efficient cryptocurrency for everybody which aims […]


What’s The Future Of Crypto?

The changes happen all the time. Cryptocurrencies stopped being a novelty a long time ago and became reality. But what does the future hold for them? Will the future generations want to pay for their groceries with the use of digital money? The past decade Everyone knows that new solutions are important. They enable the […]


The software house is not as black…

A while ago we’ve been celebrating an International Programmer’s Day. Due to that occasion I have heard a lot of jokes about programmers and development studios from my friends. As a programmer who works full-time job in a software development studio I’d like to describe you how exactly my job looks like. See for yourself […]

Who stands behind the apps that you use?

We all use the Internet every day – at work, at home, on the computer and smartphone as well. Though, we never wonder who stands behind some of the websites and applications that often make our lives much easier. It’s worth to know that especially since almost all of the apps and websites based on […]