The software house is not as black…

A while ago we’ve been celebrating an International Programmer’s Day. Due to that occasion I have heard a lot of jokes about programmers and development studios from my friends.


As a programmer who works full-time job in a software development studio I’d like to describe you how exactly my job looks like. See for yourself that me, as well my colleagues, don’t have much in common with what they say about us in nerdy jokes.

First stereotype is of course the looks of software studios employees. Many people still believe that programmers are nerds and loners. Of course, it’s complete rubbish! Yeah, sure you have to be good at what you do, have the knowledge, keep developing yourself and learning. But is there any sector that don’t require development?! And for the loners thing – that’s a complete nonsense. Programmers, as well as other software studios employees have to work in teams, so they are far from being loners.

You can often hear the jokes about programmers working in basements because they daylight scares them. Have you ever been to a software house office? I truly recommend that. I’m sure you’re gonna be jealous of working conditions.

Novelties approach

For a software studio to be competitive its employees have to keep tracking changes and gaining new skills. The popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology based apps and websites has been increasing lately. Some of the companies decided to follow this direction and specialize in this matter – this way cryptocurrency software houses started to appear. There are more and more companies needing this kind of services – they also have the novelties approach and believe that cryptocurrencies are the future.

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