What has it already achieved: FuturoCoin’s successes

FuturoCoin (FTO) is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency. It has been on the market for almost 15 months now. Let’s review what the FTO team has accomplished so far.

It all started in late January 2018. Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern gave an idea to create a new, fresh and efficient cryptocurrency for everybody which aims to become the money of the future. On 31st January, they made it public knowledge through a press release.

That is how FuturoCoin started. From that point, it has only made a headline one after another. The cryptocurrency has been growing and today it is one of the most recognizable digital assets in the world.

First breakthroughs

FTO started with a splash. It took the team behind the coin not even a month to be enlisted on the first cryptocurrency exchange (Yobit, a Russian trading platform). Also in February 2018, 1st mining pool started.

March was a real breakthrough. Still relatively small digital currency gained a lot of attention from the industry. A few other exchanges decided to enlist FTO including CoinDeal. The FuturoCoin’s website has changed, becoming much more accessible. After those moves, FTO became even more obtainable.

Next month was even mightier for the cryptocurrency. FuturoCoin reached two great heights: in terms of market capitalization and the highest price. Because of that success, coinmarketcap.com, the biggest cryptocurrency ranking website, decided to add FTO to its platform.

Real deal

As every cryptocurrency in the industry, FuturoCoin went through real verification process during November slump. Many other coins didn’t survive the crisis and fell apart. FTO went through that period without any significant loses. Actually, it still has been developing steadily.

FTO/BTC chart in November 2019.

To show that the crisis didn’t do much damage for the currency, FuturoCoin decided to organize competitions, where everybody was able to win free FTOs. According to the company, there will be a lot more contests and giveaways for the FuturoCoin community.

Not only a currency

From the very beginning, the FuturoCoin team shows that its goals are set much higher than just conquer the cryptocurrency market. The virtual coin has been involved in many more exciting ventures.

In May 2018, FutureNet Cafe launched. It is a place, where you can spend a nice time with family or friends, paying with FTO. You can also use that way of payment in FutureNet Aurelio Restaurant.

Probably the most significant deal for FuturoCoin happened in February 2019. The cryptocurrency signed a sponsorship deal with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, becoming the very first cryptocurrency in the world to sponsor an F1 team. Once again, FTO proved that it is a very solid and trustworthy digital asset.

The last several months have belonged to FuturoCoin. The coin took the cryptocurrency industry by storm. Now, the FTO team works on new developments. You can be assured that you will hear about them much, much more.

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