Who stands behind the apps that you use?

We all use the Internet every day – at work, at home, on the computer and smartphone as well. Though, we never wonder who stands behind some of the websites and applications that often make our lives much easier.

It’s worth to know that especially since almost all of the apps and websites based on dedicated internet software are created by companies called software houses or software studios.  The software houses are those that support small and big entrepreneurs in making their business ideas coming true.


Every entrepreneur that believes he needs a dedicated IT software solution for his company should go to the software studio of choice and present and idea or a problem. Software house employees will analyze it and propose the best solution. If it’s accepted by the client the next stage is creation, testing and implementation. Working with a software studio can be remote, which makes entrepreneurs very comfortable.

Software studios becoming more specialized

The development of new technologies caused many companies to face up these changes and extend their services. In opposite others decided to focus on one segment and become the leaders on the market. The example for this are software studios that specialize in blockchain technology – the solutions dedicated for cryptocurrencies. Right now we can find some specialized companies that offer various solutions in cryptocurrency technology – websites, special apps or ICO.


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